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Jules' Castle!

Welcome to my own very special place!!!

The Aundel Castle Keep, by Michael W. Cook, c.1998, used by permission

The above picture was taken in 1998 by Michael W. Cook and is of the Arundel Castle Keep. He kindly gave me permission to use this picture! Please visit his very neat web page Castles, Abbeys and Medieval Buildings, or write him at Michael W. Cook. He is very nice:)

Hi, my name is Jules. Welcome to my very own web page!! I started this page awhile ago on Xoom. Now Xoom is gone. Anyhow, this is my page and in here you will learn ALL about me, jules:) I live in a multiple household, I'm 12 years old, and I'm an inside boy. That means that I am one of many people that shares one body and that I am a boy that's 12 that lives in that body. AND I am a REAL boy too. So don't get confused on it please:)

I like trees and poems and playing pretend games and friends and reading and knights and dancing and lots of other stuff too but you got to read my whole web page to learn all about me:) And I better tell you right now I'm gay, which means I like boys better than girls. It means a little bit more than that but that's the main thing. I think it's pretty cool to be an inside boy.

The body where I live is old and a girl. Almost 42! YIKES!! The loudest ones here besides me is are girls. One is Bobby who is 17 and the other one is Nell. I'm not sure how old she is. I used to not like being in a girl body with mainly alots of girls and only a few boys but I like it better now. I take care of the littler kids here and I am very good at it. There's Sammie and Tyler who are both little boys, and they are 3, and April who is 2 and Brian who is 7 and kinda shy and Hannah who is 3 and Sister who is 5 and Heather who is 4 and Anne who is 10 and Mary who is 9 and LOTS of babies and, well, that's enugh for now (hehehe:) Only thing is, it takes alots of time. I used to get kinda mad because I worked all the time and never had any fun and never had any friends. So the committee (they are the ones that make the inside rules -- the ones you CAN'T break!) made a deal with me. It's called a compromise. Now Nell helps me some with the little kids, and I get to play some every day:) And now I got friends and a club house with other boys like me and an email that's all mine!! If you like to write me, just click down below where the mail dealy is and I will write you back:)

Last May, like in 2001, I got a new MOM!!! And she adopted me for REAL!! And In June, I came here to California to live with her for REAL!!! Now I have a brother whos name is Bradley and he is 11 right now, and I got a sister whos name is Sarah and she just turned 14! And my mom is just super fantastic and I love her PILES of lots!!! Now I have been living here for over a year, and even tho I still miss Austin lots, THIS is my home :).

The other pretty new thing is that for my birthday in June, my mom got me a car model kit, actualy 3 kits all in one! A Viper, a Lamborghini, and a Jag!! And with birthday money, I got a 57 Chevy!! And since these were the first first models that I ever had, I found a TOTALLY Cool list that is more like a club and man I have learned SO much and met so many cool guys there! I will put a link in here pretty soon about that model car club!

I am writing the part that comes next for my firnds in the model car club especially!

There is a kind of scary but also good thing that is happening right now. Some of the new guys that I am getting to know in the modeling club, well I think they have found this page, my web site :) All of them knew I am 12 and that I am real, but I dint tell them I have to share a body with other people, and I dint tell them that the thing I wish for more than any other thing in the world is to have my own body that I dont got to share with ANYBODY! Especialy girls!! Some of these guys will not understand that I am real, realy a boy ALL THE WAY!! And REALY 12! I am, and alots of people that know me, like my sister and brother, and piles of frinds and all, they all KNOW I am me, and when they see me, they say they cant even SEE a girl body! And that is a VERY GREAT thing!! But anyhow, some of these guys that are my new frinds, they will think many things, I dont even know what they will think. They probly never knew a boy like me. And they will mabe be some scared of me. And they will mabe start in to sending things to me that are not very nice. BUT that is only some of them!! I just bet that mostly, the guys that are my firnds, they will read about me, and see I am just like I say, for REAL. I am 12 and I am a boy and I bring joy to people I know in real life and I like to have PILES of fun!!! And Model!! Today Im going to try to paint the Viper AND the Merc!

Anyhow, one of my great frinds in the new club, he is worryed for me cuz he says people will start in to being mean to me. And I just told him that SURE some guys will do that, but they aint smart and they probly dont like who they are very much so that is why they are not nice to other people. But I told him that mainly, the guys that are smart and not running away just cuz I am difernet than maby any guys they knew before, they will stay my firnds and ask me questions about what stuff means, and about my life, and THOSE frinds make all this finding out Worth the scary parts! Cuz then I will REALY TRUELY know that they are liking me for ME!! And honest, mainly I think they will stick! There are some of the not nice guys who are telling I just dont know what kinds of things to some other people, and to my firnds too. You know what tho? None of those guys is brave enuff to write to me! Not one time!! Aint that just the sillyest thing you ever heard ever??? So I figure if they are afraid to be strait up with me, then they are not the kinds of guys I want for friends anyhow. And my real frinds, they will ASK me about the stuff that is new and kinda scary to them, and they will listen and learn and heck, they already know me pretty good cuz I like to talk there ALOTS!!! he he he :) And I know them pretty good too, I know that they are kind and smart and they dont let any other guys tell them what to think! They know how to think what they WANT to think!! Thats how come they are my firnds! And I guess that is why I am theres too :)

My firnd, the one who is scared for me, he thot that nobody ever should know about how I live cuz it is just too difeernt and that the guys would just bail. I think he is wrong. Finaly, my new firnds will know ME, all the way! They will know that I am a real 12 year old boy that realy loves modeling and likes to play HARD and get very messy and all over muddy!! and that I am all the way the same boy they been knowing all along. I cant realy help that I dont got my own body. That wasnt anything I chose, It is just where I landed in this world. But they know me! That I try hard to be good and kind and loving to my mom and that I am interested in EVERYTHING and love to learn new things and that I DONT lie!! Thats a BIG important thing to me for sure!! And now, like I say all the time around here, I talked enuff! I hope you guys that read this, I hope you will write me and ask about stuff, and not run but try to learn. Sarah, when I told her about this a while ago, that I wanted my new frinds to like me for ME and that I wanted to tell them some way, well she said that if they are firnds, then they will STAY firnds! And if they dont stay, then they never were frinds at all. And I belive with all my heart that she is right!

I honest realy do love you guys, not mushy ways, just nice and happy ways, and Im glad for knowing all of you no matter what happens now.

Write me plese, at

Thanks for reading this!!!
Your pal, Jules :)

If you wanna see about the club I started (It is a BOYS club!!!), then just click the picure to read about it.
There are alots more things that are important to me that I wanna tell you about, but for that you gotta follow the links and see what you see! So I guess thats all for now. Hugs if you like em and WELCOME TO MY LIFE:)

Jules :)


The Inside Boys Club!


I drew this picture of me about 2 years ago :)
As you can see I am always dirty and that's the way I like it! (I even got dirty fingernails!!)

this is test stuff!
Well, in case you dint guess, this is a pic of me last summer, June 2001. DONT LAFF! plese

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